Lakin's Gorges Cheese
Clockwise from the top: Opus 42, Morgan, Prix de Diane,
Medallion and Ricotta

Lakin's Gorges Cheese LLC

Hand crafted in Rockport, Maine since August, 2011

Fresh and aged cheeses made with Tide Mill organic milk (Edmunds, ME)
All cheeses made with pasteurized COW'S milk

Cheeses will be packaged with a personalized card and wrapped to stay cool.  You can order securely online at


"Basket Molded Ricotta"

Traditional Italian ricotta was made from whey, not whole milk. 
In the United States, most people are familiar with whole milk ricotta in a tub that is delicious in lasagna. 

My basket molded ricotta is made with whole milk but is certainly not like mass produced cheese.  And it is different - creamy, sweet, sliceable... delicious. 

Starting with cow's milk scented with sweet grass and clover, transforming the milk to curds and whey, and, finally, molding the curd into baskets with my own hands.  The result is ricotta unlike any you have tasted:  basket molded, hand-ladled, whole cow's milk Ricotta made from Organic Maine milk. 

The cheese, made without salt or preservatives, has a creamy texture and a sweet, mild flavor and can be eaten sliced on a cheese plate or used as an ingredient in either sweet or savory preparations. 

As an artisanal cheese some seasonal variations in taste are to be expected.  Each wheel averages about 3/4 pound.   $8.00 per wheel.   Order in my secure online store by clicking here.

"Prix de Diane"

Prix de Diane
A divine, bloomy rind cheese with a velvety white rind and a pate of pale yellow that darkens to a rich yellow and gets more runny near the rind as it ages.  A bouquet of milk  and hints of citrus.  Aged 4 - 6 weeks, averages 8 ounces.  $12.00 per wheel.  Order in my secure online store by clicking here

Texan-Australian namesake loves "Prix de Diane!"


A bite sized pleasure.  This 3 ounce cheese is aged 2 weeks and develops an interior that is smooth and velvety.  This bloomy rind cheese  has notes of fresh mushroom and citrus.  If allowed to age to 1 month, it develops a liquid, gold heart.  3 ounce wheel, $6.50 each.  Order in my secure online store by clicking here

"OPUS 42"

Opus 42
Aged a minimum of 3 months in a 6 pound wheel, this semi-firm cheese is mold ripened  It is  nutty and slightly sharp with earthy notes on the rind.  Available by the wheel or by the pound.  $12.00 per 1/2 pound wedge.
Order in my secure online store by clicking here


Each 1/2 pound wheel is mold ripened for a minimum of 3 months.  Very complex, grassy and salty, this hard  cheese will have you craving more.  Sold by the whole or half wheel.  $10.50 per half wheel.  Order in my secure online store by clicking here


Cascadilla Bleu

Made in a 3 pound wheel and aged 2 months.  Creamy, spreadable and lightly veined.  A multi-hued rind enshrouds a paste that is peppery and pungent.  $12.00 per 1/2 pound wedge.



Made in a 3 pound wheel and aged 3 months.  This is a washed rind cheese, rubbed daily with brine for several weeks.  A lovely pink hued rind reveals a creamy paste that notes of almonds and fresh milk, with just the right amount of funk.  Made in small batches.  $12.00 per 1/2 pound wedge.


The smallest cheese wheel, weighing in at only 1 ounce, and aged 2 weeks.  Tangy, hint of earthiness, great creamline.  $12.00 per package of 4.

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